Open Decks - Session 40

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Tilt BK, 248 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn

Welcome to the new and improved Open Decks Sessions! The same vibe you've grown to know and love with a little twist.

\ This event is now at a dope new locaton, Tilt. \ Your point of contact is still Candy Clement.

The rules remain the same! \ You MUST bring 3 friends with you the night you are booked. Promote yourself! Show off in front of your friends a little!

Bring your USB, needles, whatever else you need besides: 2 XDJ 1000MK2 1 Pioneer DJM 900 2 Technics 1 Booth Monitor

Come through, bring the homies, & get to know some of NYC's best hidden muscial talents!

If you are interested in a slot, please DM Candy Clement!